Builder Registration Skills Training Program

Training & Coaching for those wishing to become Registered Building Practitioners 

Because of the many processes and documents involved, preparing to register can be a very complex, challenging and time-consuming task.

Now you have the opportunity to complete your application for registration together with your document portfolio and be trained in all areas of competency for registration in half the time it takes you to complete your application for registration to become a Registered Building Practitioner.

Course Program Outline

Program Code:           RBP

Program Title:            Builder Registration Skills Training Program


This Unit will be delivered over a period of approximately 13 weeks with total hours of 184 hours.

This is comprised of the following:

  • Face-to-Face: 100 Hours (25 sessions approx.)
  • Self-Study: 78 hours of self-study and program activities
  • One-on-One Review: 6 Hours (3 sessions approx.)


Level 1 Suite 9B, 80 Keilor Road, Essendon North VIC 3041

Fee: $6,700.00

Mode of Study

Course programs are offered as:

  • Face-to-Face
  • Self-Study (On-Line Learning)
  • One-on-One Review Sessions
Times & Days

Domestic Licence Training:                Mondays & Wednesdays

Commercial Licence Training:           Tuesdays & Thursdays

Option to choose:

Morning:          8:30am to 12:30pm

Afternoon:       1:00pm to 5:00pm

Evening:          5:30pm to 9:30pm



Program Commencement Dates

Face-to-Face Intakes are:

Open All Year

Self-Study On-Line eLearning:
Open all year

Open all year

Note: Modes of Study are interchangeable e.g. Learners enrolled as Self-Study or One-on-One can change to Face-to-Face and vice versa if they choose to do so. 

Builder Registration Skills Training Program Overview

Our Solution in Obtaining Your Builders Licence

Due to high demand and request from organisations & individuals working within the Building Construction Industry wishing to meet their statutory requirements for Builders Licence Registration.

CAS-BCM has developed a fast-tracked Builder Registration Skills Training course program to assist those wanting to Register as a Building Practitioner in either as a Domestic and/or Commercial Builder.

Class of Builder Registration

This Course Program is suited for individuals and organisations wishing to Register for Builder Licence in-

Domestic Builder Licence Registration :

  • Domestic Builder Unlimited 
  • Domestic Builder Limited - all classes limited to components of domestic building work.

Commercial Builder Licence Registration : 

  • Commercial Builder Unlimited
  • Commercial Builder Limited to Medium Rise Work
  • Commercial Builder Limited to Low-Rise Work
  • Commercial Builder Limited - all classes limited to components to commercial building work


Units of Competency

The following unit of competencies are covered as part of the CAS-BCM’s Builder Registration Skills Training Program:


  1. Construction Law & Legislation
  2. Building Construction Codes & Standards
  3. Construction Methodology & Technology
  4. Building Project Administration
  5. Construction Site Management
  6. Business Planning & Financial Management
  7. Application for Registration


Qualification Award Outcome

Learners wishing to undertake the Assessments will be awarded a
Certificate of Completion

All learner participants who attend the full program will be issued a
Certificate of Attendance’ 


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