Career Focused Training in Construction Management &

Building Project Management


Course Programs designed to give you the competitive edge in propelling your career in the Building Construction Industry 


Enter the Building Construction Sector by learning & developing the required professional skill sets to successfully manage building construction projects 

Centre for Advanced Studies in Building & Construction Management (CAS-BCM) is a specialist Education & Training Organisation that offers face-to-face, self-paced, online-learning and convenient study programs to meet the educational and training needs of individuals and businesses wishing to develop or enhance their professional skills in Construction Management & Building Project Management.


Building & Construction

Course Training Programs

CAS-BCM Building & Construction Programs offer industry preferred course programs.  Allowing students to specialise in core key areas of competency to meet job roles specific to the building & construction industry.

CAS-BCM offers both face-to-face together with self-paced on-line convenient study programs to meet the educational and training needs of individuals and businesses wishing to develop or enhance their professional skills in Building & Construction Management.



Building & Construction programs to help develop well-educated graduates with strong competencies and skill sets required to become practicing building professionals and entrepreneurs; with well-structured curriculums to help individuals achieve their academic and career goals in Building Construction.

An emphasis is placed on the desire to continually improve professional knowledge and practice.

CAM-BCM course programs  are accredited and industry validated by leading State & Federal Building & Construction Industry Organisations; which is why qualifications provided by CAS-BCM are recognised and endorsed nationally.

Builder Registration Skills Training Program

Training & Coaching for those wishing to become a Registered Building Practitioner 

Mentoring & training course program structured and designed to suit the requirements for registration as a Registered Building Practitioner (RBP) with the Building Practitioners Board through the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). 


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Jobs Training in Building Construction Management

Tailored Jobs Training Program for Job Seekers & Organisations wishing to develop skills and competencies in Building Project Management & Construction Management

Job Seeker opportunities for On-the-Job Training and Skills Development for professional skills and competencies specific to the building construction industry.

Opportunity for Organisations to Develop Professional Skills & Competencies for current and potential future staff members.

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Course Program in

Building & Construction Management

Management of the Physical Delivery of Building Projects

Learn to Deliver Improved Time, Cost & Quality Outcomes for Your Building Construction Projects.

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Proven Industry Practices

All education & training programs are based on and underpinned by proven building industry best practices.

Vocational Education & Training

All programs delivered and assessed by those that have extensive vocational education and training industry experience .

Training Delivery from Industry Professionals

Programs are delivered & assessed by those that have extensive building industry experience & practice and who are Registered Building Practitioners in both Domestic and Commercial.

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